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Search Engine Optimisation and Website Optimization

From an SEO companies perspective; there are two elements, the in-site or website optimization and the off-site SEO.  However, before an SEO company can begin, there are usually a few performance checks done, to make sure your website is ready for SEO. These can include ~

  • Is there enough page copy (words) on the most important pages?
  • Does the website rely to heavily on graphics or photos?
  • Is the source code messy?
  • Are the URL’s short and keyword rich, are they data-base driven or are they incredibly long?
  • Is your website design, Mobile Responsive for searches made on a mobile device?

There are lots of other items we also investigate to assess if your website is ready for SEO, prior to ‘shaking hands’. In most cases, the website owner can fix any problems themselves, once we have performed a FREE SEO Audit and make them aware of any shortcomings.

The in-site SEO or website optimization is essentially a process where the web page or blog post is edited so it contains keywords that are mostly likely to assist the page to appear in the search result you are targeting.

Both visible and invisible elements of the page are edited to introduce keywords or phrases.  These include the page name, page copy, text links, title and Meta tags and other elements of the page so it contains information about a relevant search.

The major search engines frown upon obvious keyword stuffing, however If you use them in moderation in a natural way, the page will usually perform better.

The off-site SEO is devoted to building your websites popularity so it matches your competitors who appear in the top 5 for searches relating to your page content.

Most clients are normally focused on increasing the amount of visitors, which equates to more inquiries from their website or blog. If the client is marketing a product or service, SEO delivers increased sales as soon as they appear in the top 5 or higher for a related search.

We do not advocate or provide spam techniques about how to improve your rankings in our SEO Tips pages.

We are often asked, “What is Spam” or “How do you achieve a top 20 ranking long-term?”

Our standard reply is “build your web pages so they comply with search engine guidelines and only employ best practice methods to promote your site externally”.

SEO Basics Guide

Common SEO terms and abbreviations.

Search Engine Optimisation – Also known as website optimisation or search engine optimization in the US, this is a generic term relating to methods used by search engine specialists that assist web site owners to improve rankings and as a result, visitor numbers which equate to more sales in a given period.

SEO –is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization and the ‘Aussie’ spelling, Search Engine Optimisation.

Search Engine – A web site that keeps an up to date record of web sites on the Internet within its own database which can then be searched using any search query and a score for relevance or importance placed on each website indexed by the search engine.

Search Engine Marketing – A service offered by specialized internet marketing companies which includes increasing visitor traffic, via search engine optimisation, PPC marketing, and monitoring of ROI. Also known as Search Marketing.

SEM –is the acronym for Search Engine Marketing. SEM encompasses SEO and search engine paid advertising options (PPC = Pay-per-click ads such as Adwords ).

Search Engine Placement – A generic term used to describe a search engine position or ranking of a given keyword or keyword phrase in the search engines.

Search Engine Positioning – Also a generic term, often used by folks hoping to improve their search engine position under specific keywords in the search engines.

Search Engine Promotion – This is a generic term that describes the services offered by most search engine marketing companies. Search engine promotion is the process of improving rankings, visitor numbers and utilizing search engines to promote brand awareness.

SEO Audit/Analysis – is the method of analysis used by search engine optimisation specialists to examine the internal and external components of a website in their current format from which the SEO company can then provide scenarios on how to improve current performance, estimates on costs and projections on the likely outcomes.

Website Optimization – is a term used during the mid-late 90’s, by companies referring to optimizing your web pages for specific searches that relate to your range of products or services. This was before the generic term, search engine optimisation or the acronym SEO appeared, which saw the focus of SEO to include building external links on external websites with on-theme or similar content.

Website SEO Analysis

Our FREE SEO analysis will give you a massive edge in fine-tuning your Adwords or SEO budget so it focuses on searches (keyword phrases) that your customers use.

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So what do our clients say?

Bruce these results are simply outstanding! Our Google analytic stats are up about 10-15% since you began and we are ranking on page one! Great stuff! This is possibly our most important progress to date.
Stuart. J- Stretch Tents

Thanks for the SEO Analysis video. Very enlightening. And thanks also for your honesty and candor.
Gavin A.- QLD Dept of EED&I

Our small business competes with big players in the large art gallery market online. Thanks to WebSight SEO, we are now able to concentrate on our business. Our advice is keep to what you do and understand best and to stay on top, contact WebSight SEO in Melbourne.
Andy D.- ADA Art Consulting

Thanks very much Bruce. I was quite pleased with your level of help over the phone and am looking forward to your assistance with my SEO and Adwords campaign.
Carolyn D.- New Way Family Lawyers

Love your work….thanks for all your help in this!
Emily F.- Pellenc Australia

Bruce Maxwell of Websight SEO is undoubtedly Australia’s guru on Search Engine Optimization techniques. He lives, breathes and eats the topic and gets a real kick out of helping his clients get results they would have only dreamed about.
D. Hickling- Association Membership Software

Well done Bruce , keep going... you're on fire!!! Thanks for your help, much appreciated.
J. Burns- IMS Industrial Sewing Machines

Thanks Bruce, this is brilliant. Your SEO analysis shows us clearly where we are after this first campaign and what we need to do in future.
Larry W.- Spraying Equipment Supply

Once again it was very pleasing working with you and thank you for your continued support of the Federal Governments Net Alert program.
M. Chambers- NetAlert Limited

  • FREE SEO Analysis

    FREE SEO Analysis

    Your FREE SEO Analysis will ensure you can clearly identify the timeline and investment required to match your competitors who currently appear in the top 3 for the most profitable keywords in your market. If your product or service is new, your SEO analysis will reveal if your niche market is large enough to justify the investment required to create a website and begin the SEO process. And if you have a website already, your SEO analysis will show you the budget required to appear on page one for your relevant keywords.

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