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How Longer Search Queries may Change the Future of SEO

Most of us are familiar with the term which says short is sweet. During the initial days of SEO short keywords ruled the industry.  However the trend has changed greatly and nowadays long tailed keywords are becoming the norm of the business.

More and more people are using long tailed keywords to find what they are looking for, there by leading to an increase in the demands from clients for trend appropriate marketing strategy.

The change is not a result of overnight activities; instead it is a result of a gradual process which has taken place over a period of time. Initially when Google started, they used they broke the queries of customers into its fundamental components and searched those components independently as they appeared on the web.

Nowadays, Google uses a technology known as ‘semantic search’ , whereby it analyses the actual intention of the query and then proceeds to show results accordingly, which is why Melbourne SEO companies are opting to use long tailed keywords to optimize their client’s website.

Secondly the amount of information which is being updated on Google everyday has grown exponentially over the past few decades which is one of the reasons why a Melbourne SEO company is forced to use longer keywords to ensure that the user gets back the exact answer for his query.

It is quite amazing to observe that a generation which is obsessed with short forms and abbreviations are moving towards long keywords. The reason behind this can again be attributed to technology. Today people no longer type in their search query; instead they use the voice service of their smart phones or Google’s voice assistant to enter their query, which is a big reason behind longer search queries.

Given the current situation, optimizing the website, by stuffing in keywords in the title or subheads of the article would not help you in any way.  A well known SEO company like Web Sight SEO Company Brisbane can help you to avoid penalty ranking and would help you to optimize your site by using only relevant keywords.

Web Sight SEO Company Brisbane believes in creating a niche for their customers because in a world filled with information it is not easy to become a jack of all trades. If you follow a strategy which is too broad and generic in nature, chances of getting lost in the fold increases by multiple times.

Google is updating their software on a regular basis in order to make it more sophisticated so that it can match the needs of the users in a more efficient manner.

Under such circumstances if you are fighting for an online visibility, it is important that you choose a service like Web Sight SEO Company Brisbane, who can take your business to the peak where customers can find it. The company has a performance driven marketing team which follows an expert approach and works in tight feedback loops to enhance your reputation and your relationship with your customers.

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Bruce these results are simply outstanding! Our Google analytic stats are up about 10-15% since you began and we are ranking on page one! Great stuff! This is possibly our most important progress to date.
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Thanks for the SEO Analysis video. Very enlightening. And thanks also for your honesty and candor.
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Our small business competes with big players in the large art gallery market online. Thanks to WebSight SEO, we are now able to concentrate on our business. Our advice is keep to what you do and understand best and to stay on top, contact WebSight SEO in Melbourne.
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Bruce Maxwell of Websight SEO is undoubtedly Australia’s guru on Search Engine Optimization techniques. He lives, breathes and eats the topic and gets a real kick out of helping his clients get results they would have only dreamed about.
D. Hickling- Association Membership Software

Well done Bruce , keep going... you're on fire!!! Thanks for your help, much appreciated.
J. Burns- IMS Industrial Sewing Machines

Thanks Bruce, this is brilliant. Your SEO analysis shows us clearly where we are after this first campaign and what we need to do in future.
Larry W.- Spraying Equipment Supply

Once again it was very pleasing working with you and thank you for your continued support of the Federal Governments Net Alert program.
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