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Search Engine Optimisation Services

Web Sight SEO Company Brisbane is a search engine optimisation company based in Brisbane, Australia; that has been providing small businesses, larger companies and start-ups with professional website optimization and SEO services since 1997.

FREE SEO Analysis

First off, we provide you with a FREE SEO ANALYSIS. Why?  So you know upfront…

  1. How much SEO traffic the top ranking websites receive for your keywords/searches
  2. How your website stacks up versus your top competitors in the major search engines.

Your SEO analysis also provides an excellent guide so far as new copy writing or modification of existing page copy.

Your SEO analysis also allows us to provide you with a clearer picture of what you’ll need to do to match your competitor’s rankings.

We also provide a keyword analysis for Adwords so you can see what’s on offer at Google.

How do you get started?

Click the ‘Get SEO Analysis now!’, arrow in the right column to begin.

SEO Services

Keyword Analysis – We provide you with an insight into the popularity of any keywords that relate specifically to your website’s theme or text content. We welcome suggestions so don’t be shy!

Setting your Benchmark – If you do not already have visitor traffic analytics we can install Google’s free analytic software to enable you to track your site statistics.

Website Optimization – On-page SEO includes all page elements, your website navigation, both vertically and horizontally including your directory folder structure. The time required to complete the in-site SEO can vary greatly depending on how large your current site is and what your FREE SEO analysis reveals.

We follow the search engine guidelines to ensure our SEO services are counted as a genuine ‘vote’ towards your websites authority and improve your search engine rankings.

Measuring your Progress – Our SEO services include regular reports on the progress of your search engine optimization campaign.

What we don’t do! – Our SEO services do not include any process that is no longer effective or will reduce your authority in the major search engines.

There are many SEO techniques still being used by website owners or unscrupulous competitors in our industry that will bring the wrath of Google and see your website penalised.

We make you aware of these so you can avoid SEO companies who still use these techniques or correct problems you’ve innocently created in your website.

WHY US? – Because our SEO Services offer flexibility and choice based on your current needs and search engine optimisation budget.

Our portfolio and testimonials are adequate proof we are here for the long-haul and that our SEO services deliver sustainable results.

Unlike most of our competitors we won’t demand you sign a contract that requires you to give one months notice of termination.  Google has had warnings on its website to webmasters to avoid SEO companies that demand contracts since 2001.  Sadly, most new website owners considering SEO aren’t aware of Google’s warning and suffer the pain of poor results and paying for an extra month regardless.

We’ve never had contracts and advise everyone to avoid SEO companies who demand them.

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Website SEO Analysis

Our FREE SEO analysis will give you a massive edge in fine-tuning your Adwords or SEO budget so it focuses on searches (keyword phrases) that your customers use.

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